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The “Lighthouse” release is being coupled with three charity initiatives.  20% of all streaming revenue from the song will be donated to, a worldwide advocate for ending the use of fossil fuels.  All streaming and monetization revenue from the music video for the next five years will be donated to United Way supporting long-term disaster relief efforts around the world.  I am also collecting video footage for a crowd-sourced music video for “Lighthouse” and making additional donations on behalf of the contributors. Read more below…

E-mail footage links to
Donate directly to the United Way
Donate Directly to

Video artists and animators: if you own any existing hi-resolution footage featuring light as a subject/light in nature (light in landscapes, sunsets, the movement of light across surfaces, light through water, the night sky, city lights, etc.), whether it’s animated or live, consider donating the rights to use this footage for the “Lighthouse” music video.

In the coming months, I’m going to be releasing a music video for my single “Lighthouse.”  The song is about love, security, and connection.  I intended to make the music video a celebration of the natural world and to couple it with a fundraiser to fight climate change.  Now, due to the health crisis and quarantine, the world is even more in need, and I am sequestered at home like everyone else—unable to finish my video.  

So if, like me, you’re creative, you’re stuck at home, and you want to help, here’s an opportunity to give back.

From your video submissions, I will create a video collage with this song as a soundtrack.  For every artist who donates footage, I will give $50 to the United Way’s Worldwide COVID-19 Response Fund, up to a $1500 maximum, supporting communities across the world who are struggling to cope with COVID-19.  Additionally, any money generated by the finished video for the next five years—monetization, streaming, licensing—will be donated to United Way.  In keeping with my original goal for this project, 20% of music streaming revenue (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) will be donated to, an environmental advocacy non-profit dedicated to ending the use of fossil fuels worldwide. Every artist who participates will be credited.

If you aren’t a video artist and you want to help, you can donate directly to United Way through the links on this page.  Please let me know if you do so, and how much (using the email buttons on this page), so I can keep a tally of the money we’ve raised and include your name in the list of supporters.

The bigger this effort becomes, the more good it will do.  If you have any questions, reach out to me. Let’s come together and create something beautiful.

E-mail footage links to
Donate directly to the United Way
Donate Directly to