I believe in authenticity. My journey into music is, in truth, a journey into authenticity—learning what is actually true for me and how to say it.
I believe in change. I believe everything is always changing. We ARE change. “Transitional moments” are just moments when change is more obvious, or harder to deny.
I believe in feeling. I believe emotion gives life richness.
I believe in connection. Intimacy. The value of being seen. I believe we all deserve to be celebrated for who we really are. I believe we all deserve to be loved.
I believe in a different kind of confidence. Feeling safe without staying safe. Being at home anywhere, in any situation.
I believe in wonder. I believe in awe. I believe in childlike curiosity and fresh ways of experiencing the world.
I believe that creativity comes from a mysterious place beyond the person. I believe that the deeper we listen, the more broadly we are connected to all things. I make music because I have no choice.
I believe that there is space between everything and everything else, and that space is holy and pregnant and waiting for you.
I believe in perseverance. I believe in structure. I believe there is a paradoxical relationship between will and surrender—between volition and letting go. I will push as hard as I need to in order to feel I am living fully, even though sometimes it seems that there is no such thing as “pushing” or “living fully” or “me”.
I believe that the structure of reality doesn’t exist. There is no foundation. There is no one truth. Just pointers to pointers to pointers. We are building the world every time we open our eyes.

May you realize your creative potential. May you trust yourself even when you don’t trust yourself. May you show who you are even when every part of you wants to run away.